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Amazon Tools: Best Amazon Keyword Research Tool 2017

In order for a page to be popular and reach as many persons as possible it must feature some key elements: a user friendly display, updated and valuable content and a good topic to talk about. But no matter how good your page content is, without some search engine optimizations tips, tricks and tools you risk leaving your page into oblivion. Choosing the right keywords is a difficult task, especially since it is up to them to rank a good score on search engines (mainly Google and Amazon) and show your page in the first results for a higher reach rate.


Selecting the perfect keywords and amazon keywords can determine the success of your business or page in the online for sure. The main thing you bear in mind is to find the right amazon keyword search volume and google search volumes that will describe your content which is popular enough to be researched but also has a quite diminished competition, so that the search results will give your perfectly optimized page the chance to appear in the top results. Basically, in order to achieve that you must either have plenty of imagination and spare time or appeal to professional keyword research tools.

Amazon Keyword Research


And as with everything in this life, there are some tools that you can get online for free and other ones, obviously more specialized and running more sophisticated software which will have a higher success rate into helping your page ranking higher. I am sure you can think of something to describe your each article, but wouldn’t there be nicer if you had an automated tool to do all that? Sure, it costs, but it also saves you the trouble from making your own choices and draining out your brains trying to find high competition keywords that will directly link to your page and services.

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Doing Amazon Keyword Research with Secockpit and Long Tail Pro

What it takes to Find the Best Amazon keyword Research Tool and Google Keyword Research Tool:

  1. Keyword

    Relevancy of Content and Keywords to have a better engagement to your audience

  2. Relevancy of Content and Keywords to attract targeted visitors to guarantee qualified traffic
  3. Trending Keywords that are being analyzed offers a big picture into the current marketing trends
  4. Time Saver – Using Keyword Research will generate more success to your advantage and target only working keywords
  5. Using Keyword Research is to be able to discover other keyword queries and expanding your long tail efforts. Which is that will get you on top of 70% organic search traffic.
  6. Identifying your ideal keywords from the keyword research is an important SEO and ON-Page-SEO technique and this will have a huge effect on your search engine rankings.

Keyword Search?

What is Keyword Research used for?

There are dozens of things a real professional can accomplish by analyzing keyword data – from simply checking the metrics for a keyword to creating advanced strategies aimed at improving a website’s ranking in organic search. Here are some things you can do with keyword research:

  • Learn how people use search engineswhat are keyword research for amazon
  • Define and compare competitors in search
  • Find out what keywords bring the most traffic to any domain
  • Find keywords in order to optimize your content for search engines
  • Find content ideas based on audience interests and trends
  • Estimate a wesbite’s search engine traffic
  • Track a domain’s progress
  • Analyze the quality of backlink sources
  • Increase the efficiency of PPC campaigns
  • Decrease your advertising budget without losing traffic
  • Create a strategy for SEO

Sorting out

Why is Sorting Keywords Necessary and how is it done?

Just like any other words, keywords can be sorted in numerous ways – by length, popularity, competition, grammatical properties and so on. There are two main metrics when it comes to sorting keywords: Search Volume and Relevancy. Keywords are usually separated into 3 groups: Head, Body and Tail (usually referred to as Long-Tail). There’s also fourth category that’s worth mentioning, we call it Trash. Completely irrelevant and absolutely unpopular keywords belong in the trash.

Analyzing parameters to define whether keyword belongs to the head, body or tail requires knowledge and the right tools. First metrics you need to analyze is search volume, everything is easy with this one – the more people use keyword in search the bigger its search volume. Relevance, however, is more complicated, this metric represents a combination of semantic relevance, level of competition and keyword difficulty.

  • Head keywords are the most popular keywords with huge search volumes and very high competition.
  • Body keywords have an average competition and average search volume.
  • Long-tail keywords have low search volumes and low levels of competition.
  • Trash keywords have extremely low relevancy or search volume.

Sorting Keywords with Secockpit


Find Thousands of Profitable Google Keywords in a Matter of Seconds with SECockpit

$339 / year $480
Long Tail Pro

An Easy Way To Find The Best Keywords To Rank In Google

$25 / Month $37

Two of the best online tools on how to choose keywords for an article are Secocokpit vs Long tail pro.

Secockpit Review

How many monthly searches does a keyword get?

Secockpit Dashboard

Many keyword tools on the market are restricted and no longer show detailed search volumes (e.g. Google’s Keyword Planner). SECockpit is the solution to this problem and continues to show monthly search volumes for each keyword.

Which keywords have the highest potential?

Secockpit keyword research

You will be able to answer this question at a glance: SECockpitcalculates a niche value for each keyword which you can filter and sort in just a few clicks.

Which keywords have a high purchase intention?

Secockpit Discounts

SECockpit generates valuable keyword ideas from many different data sources, e.g. Amazon Suggest (for keywords with particularly high commercial intention).

One of the best keyword research software on the market, Secockpit currently offers three different price options, depending on your needs and expectations. Each price category comes with its own perks and is targeting different types of pages. For a personal page and $339 per year you would only receive Adwords and 10 keyword searches per day. But does keyword density matter?

With SECockpit Pro you will get:

  • Keyword Ideas via Adwords, Suggest and Related Searches
  • New! Keyword Ideas via Amazon Suggest
  • New! Keyword Ideas via YouTube Suggest
  • 50 Keyword Searches per Day (with up to 10’000 results per search)
  • Keyword Competition Analysis for every Keyword
  • Comprehensive Training Material to get you started right away

What more do you want?

Why not step into the possibility of acquiring the pro package and for only $599 a year you will receive plenty of benefits, including: 50 different keyword searches daily, sufficient keyword ideas through Adwords, 50 tracked keywords as well as ranking for different countries and languages.

One of the great advantages when deciding to choose Secockpit is that you will only work from your browser and through your Internet connection, without requiring pre-installing sketchy software or refreshing for constant updates. Also, Secockpit offers you the possibility to extend your list of suggested keywords based on Google Suggestions, which is truly a plus if you want to strive in the business.

In addition, you will also have access to a certain niche keyword research service and the possibility of making your own keywords if you think they will be successful for your business.


Long Tail Pro Review

There are numerous differences between these two online keyword research tools and it is only up to you to choose the one that will best suit you.

While the cheapest version of the aforementioned tool sells for $40 a month, you can get the Long Tail Pro slightly cheaper – for only $27 a month. In this tariff you will have included loads of benefits – from browsing multiple keywords in the same time to generating up to 800 results for each seed keyword, real time checking of rankings on websites listed on Google, Yahoo and Bing, save your favorite keywords, calculate the competitiveness of your keywords or automatically find domains. We are talking about the Pro + Platinum package which costs, apart from the 27$ per month, another fee of $97 only paid once.


Long Tail Pro is an is an all-in-one keyword research tool and helps you, to:

  • Uncover Thousands of Lucrative Keywords in Seconds
  • Search Multiple Seed Keywords at Once
  • Apply Advanced Filters
  • Check Domain Availability
  • Monitor Keyword Rankings
  • Analyze Your Competition per Keyword
  • Save HOURS of Time!

However, the main difference in terms of price and decision between these two keyword research software is that Long Tail Pro gives you the opportunity to experience a 10-day free trial and see whether or not this product suits you.

long tail pro discount

Throughout the 10-days trial you will still be able to automatically find domains or check rankings on all three most important search engines, as well as pre-filter your keywords according to your needs and desires. So what is not to like?


So Whats the best?

The Conclusion for the best Amazon Keyword Researching Tool and Google Keyword Researching Tool

Again, this only depends to you and your desires. There are plenty of similarities and distinctions between these two software programs and it is up to you and your page’s requirements to find the solution that best suits your interests.

However, no matter what software you choose, both use the main data sources provided by Google Keyword Planner and Moz. Also, there is quite a price variation, especially if you decide to go for the platinum/ company services provided by these two tools.

Also, both tools benefit from what we call “keyword competitiveness rating” or the numeric score each keyword receives based on its relevance in the keyword search system. This way you can make sure you will always choose the most relevant keywords that will trace back to your page and increase your Google ranking.

On the other hand, Long Tail Pro gives you the possibility of choosing up to 10 seed keywords at once which will definitely enhance your chances to find what you are looking for. However, this also means that you may divagate largely from your primordial intentions and the initial meaning of your seed keywords. But, looking on the bright side, you will definitely receive points on originality and even finding the keyword niche that will bring the success for your business.

All in all, no matter your choice, if you want professional results, you will have to pay for professional services. Choose each one of these tools and you will increase your success rate and improve your Google ranking and Amazon Keyword Ranking to make yourself more visible and trustworthy among Internet users worldwide.

So understanding keyword research we are able to do the importance of having a good on page seo.


Find Thousands of Profitable Google Keywords in a Matter of Seconds with SECockpit

Starts $339 / year $480
Long Tail Pro

An Easy Way To Find The Best Keywords To Rank In Google

Starts $25/Month $37
10 Total Score

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