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If you have ever worked in the network of a big company, then you are probably familiar with the term of the proxy server and you know that without this type of server you could not have access to web pages and services on the Internet, outside your company’s network. But what are these proxy servers? What do they do, why are they important and when and why should you use such servers?

The term “proxy” refers to a mediator authorized to act in the name of a person. A proxy server is an authorized mediator of your PC and acts between your PC and the Internet. This server sends requests to accessed web pages and services, on your behalf.

Assume you are at work, on a computer of the company you are working for. Your Internet browser is configured to use a proxy server and you wish to access a random website to check for online products or services. After you write down the address in your browser, the request is sent to the used proxy server by your Internet provider. This sends the request to the server hosting your desired website. Last, the server of your requested website page sends a response to the proxy server which is further redirected to the computer initiating the request in the first place.

As a result of this stream of information, the website of your request sees that it was visited by a proxy server, but not by the computer where the initial request was made. But why this entire struggle to appeal to the second party and third party mediators for a simple Internet connection?


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2. Buy Proxies


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3. SquidProxies


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high proxy

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proxy n vpn

5. Proxy N VPN


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Proxy Rack

6. Proxy Rack


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ssl private proxy

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8. Cloud Proxies


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Micro Leaves Rotating proxy

9. Micro Leaves


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Why do companies choose to appeal to proxy servers? 

The main reason why companies choose to appeal to proxy servers is because these offer them a better control on the way their Internet connection is used within the company. Companies can set up proxy servers so that they block the access of employees to unwanted websites, such as the ones offering adult content, social media platforms or other websites employees love to hang out on. The main reason why companies would want to restrict their Internet connection for employees via proxy servers is that it is believed that employees will decrease their productivity because they will end up spending more time checking content on websites rather than actually working.

proxy company

Appealing to a proxy server also offers the company a detailed diary of the entire browsing history of its employees. Thus, the company can easily see the top websites accessed by its employees during working hours, how often they were accessed and for how long. Obviously, companies need this tracking information in order to establish which employees rather spend their working time surfing on the Internet and how many of the employees actually do their job.

There are other reasons why companies appeal to the proxy servers as well. For instance, a proxy server can comprise data sent over the Internet, can create a cache with accessed files and web pages and even eliminate ads on visited websites.

When a webpage is accessed it is stocked on the proxy server. When a new person tries to access the same page, the proxy server first verifies if that certain page was modified. If not, the server sends to the user a locally stocked version of the page and does not reload the original page. All these facilities maximize the way in which the Internet connection is being used and distributed throughout the company.

private proxy servers

Confidentiality benefits – what do you need to know about proxy servers

Confidential Proxy

When using a direct Internet connection and access a certain web page, the server on which the page is hosted can see the IP address of your computer. With its help, it can approximate the geographic location of the computer. In addition, the Internet surfer also sends a “user agent” or a piece of information that specifies the type of Internet surfer used. Moreover, that certain website can also store a cookie which will deliver further information regarding the user and his activity.

A proxy server can hide your IP address (if previously set up) whenever you access a web page, can send a different “user agent” than the one used by your Internet surfer and can also block cookies or accept them without automatically transferring them to your computer. As a result, using a proxy server protects your online anonymity and can promote safer Internet surfing, without your every step being watched and stored.

Proxy servers can improve security

Private Proxy Security

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons why companies appeal to proxy servers is to improve their company security and prevent information leaks or harmful content installed on its computers. A proxy server can actively improve the security of all users and business networks, for example, to block employee’s access to harmful or malicious websites or encrypt data transfers so that third parties cannot access them.

For home Internet users, proxy servers can easily be used to detour Internet censorship. For instance, foreign countries like Turkey, China or Iran filter the Internet traffic of their citizens and block the access to different websites and Internet services. By using proxy servers located in other countries, home Internet users can access the websites which are being banned or restricted and have access to free information in real time.

Moreover, there are countless websites and Internet services which are only available in a limited number of countries across the globe. Needless to say that by using a proxy server, Internet users from around the globe can access and use the websites if they appeal to a proxy server located in one of the countries in which those websites or services are available. Some good examples, in this case, would be Spotify or Netflix.


Possible security problems generated by the use of proxy servers

Proxy services are not all sugar, spice, and everything nice. But, as any other resource on this planet, it comes with both benefits and downsides. Using random and public proxy servers can also bring a series of disadvantages, such as:

  • When using unencrypted connections, proxy servers can modify the received responses either in a good way (like eliminating ads) or in a bad way. For instance, an infected proxy server or one administrated by unwilling persons can be used to inject malware into the pages visited by users or can redirect them to infested websites.
  • A proxy server can modify the user’s requests for another website in order to generate results that serve bad interests (i.e. stealing personal data or launching attacks on different servers).
  • A proxy server monitors and creates journals with the activity of each user. The information gathered can be later used to identify each and every user.
  • Depending on its configurations, a proxy server can offer unencrypted data when a website uses encrypted connections. This problem exposes users to certain security risks, such as for third parties to monitor that connection and read the unencrypted data.

Private Proxy

Question and Answer

What is the best proxy in terms of speed?

Judging by the previously reviewed proxy providers, we can all relate that most companies offer a similar data speed of around 1Gbps. It is enough for a large stream of data and information, so there are few providers being able to offer more than this already high speed. Blazing SEO LLC is one of the few proxy providers which can offer a speed more than 1GBps, which is why you should give this proxy provider a try in the first place

proxy in terms of speed

What is the best proxy provider in terms of thread and bandwidth?

With most paid proxies you will never encounter bandwidth so one thing is for sure – appeal to paid services if you want quality and not just quantity. Although there are numerous free proxy providers, few of them offer anonymity and reliable connections while most of them can even infect your computers with malware or spyware. This is why, as tempting as it may sound, you should avoid appeal to free proxy servers in the first place. A paid proxy server will not only offer higher quality but also a wide series of benefits, such as no bandwidth limitation. In terms of bandwidth and thread, all proxy providers previously reviewed offer similar features so you could pretty much pick any of them that will suit your interests.

thread and bandwidth

What is the best proxy provider in terms of diversity of subnets?

Some proxy providers, although paid, may offer a limited diversity of subnets. A subnet represents a logical subdivision of an IP network or, in other words, subnetting represents the ability to divide a network into two or more additional networks. Subnetting is important for those who have large businesses or require plenty of IPs to run their business – from bots to large content websites such as Instagram, Facebook or Craigslist, and Amazon, those looking for a large number of IP addresses will most likely require a large number of subnets as well. From all 10 paid proxy providers previously reviewed, only a few of them offer reliable subnetting and plenty subnets to choose from. One of them and the best option frankly is Blazing SEO LLC, but, High proxies and SSL private proxies are also good options, depending on your future requests and expectations.

diversity of subnets

What is the best proxy in terms of anonymity?

The main benefit of paid proxy servers is that they all come with a certain grade of anonymity, meaning your IP connection and GEO location will be hidden away from peeping eyes. However, some proxy providers offer even a higher degree of anonymity, which is even better to ensure a secured and safe browsing experience. High proxies and Proxies-n-VPN represent reliable choices for those who care about encrypting their data and secure all their Internet connected devices, whether we talk about smartphones, tablets, personal computers or laptops. However, you should also give Blazing SEO LLC a try because they also offer high anonymity and plenty of other benefits so they should be your next logical step in acquiring a professional, reliable and safe proxy.

What is the best proxy to support HTTP/HTTTPS/ SOCKS protocols?

When it comes to supporting protocols, plenty of proxy providers, both paid and free offer only limited support for HTTP. However, a good proxy provider should be able to support all protocols, both HTTP and HTTPS, as well as socks (4 or 5, depending on your needs). Your everyday proxy or random proxy will most likely not be able to do that, so make sure which type of provider you choose. Again, out of all reviewed proxy providers, Blazing SEO LLC offers support on all web pages and browsers running HTTP/HTTPS and socks protocols, which makes it a reliable option. Depending on your type of business or your personal preferences you may not need the socks protocol enabled for your proxy servers, but in order to be sure, you should be able also to access content in the socks protocol.

All in all, no matter what proxy provider you choose, bear in mind that paid proxy servers are always a more reliable and safe alternative. Choose for those who offer the best price/quality or features ratio as you will be paying a monthly subscription from now on and each dollar will count.

http and http sockets


What types of proxies are there?

Depending on their type, proxy servers can be divided into multiple categories. First, we have the forward proxies which are the ones described above. However, there are also other types of proxies such as transparent proxies, anonymous proxies, and highly anonymous proxies. Obviously, they are used for different purposes and accessing them will never come cheap.

  • Transparent proxies are the ones usually found near the exit of a corporate network and they are mainly used to centralize network traffic. Most of these proxies only have the purpose to make the company’s Internet connection secure and act as a firewall for all possible malicious content. Transparent proxies often partially encrypt the data and don’t allow users inside the network to install programs or files of their choice. In addition, access to different outside websites may be restricted or partially restricted.

Transparent proxies

  • Anonymous proxies were also described above as the ones that usually hide the IP address of the user to ensure a safer Internet connection. Most of these proxies are used for protection and privacy and stay away from potential attacks or snooping eyes.

Anonymous proxies

  • Last but not least, the highly anonymous proxy servers are also the most expensive ones and they hide even the fact that they are used by certain clients. They do that by masking their presence with a non-proxy public IP address which cannot be traced back to the original or initial clients. Also, highly anonymous proxy servers can offer access to websites and content that might block proxy servers, meaning they are mainly used by professionals and with a certain purpose.

highly anonymous proxy servers

The Review

What are the best proxies available on the market?

Depending on their speed, their bandwidth, anonymity or price, there are numerous proxy server providers claiming their hosting is the best. Obviously, you can always opt for free proxies but those are not very powerful and sometimes cannot be trusted either. Below you will find a selection of the best proxy providers worldwide, as well as all the advantages that come from using each one of them:

1. Blazing SEO LLC

blazing proxyBlazing SEO LLC is, hands down, one of the most prolific and best proxy providers on the Internet nowadays. It is specialized in providing powerful private proxies which are trustworthy and protect the user’s anonymity. One of the best features that strikes you if you want to appeal to blazingseollc is their offered prices. By comparison with other competitors on the market, this specific provider comes up with a cheaper rate at a high speed, which will make all customers be happy. You can choose from three different price ranges, depending on your requirements. All provided proxies are located in the USA and the cheapest connection is the one shared between maximum 3 users and for a minimum size of 5 proxies purchased you will only pay $2.2 per month and also receive a trial time of 2 days to make sure you took the right decision.

Moreover, if you choose the proxy services provided by blazingseollc you will enjoy a high speed rate and unlimited threads and bandwidth. This means no matter what your stream of data is, you can be sure to share it safely, anytime, anywhere. All proxies coming from this provider support HTTP, socks and HTTPS or all three at once.


2. Buy proxies

buyproxies discountAnother great provider of online proxies is Buy Proxies. What is great about this service is that they offer no restrictions whatsoever imposed on any of their proxies. Depending on your needs you can opt for proxies located in the US, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands or Switzerland and you can even change them up along, as you are meeting new needs. Moreover, this provider’s IP addresses change often so you can always make sure you get whatever you need. All proxies are unbanned at this provider and every month you get to experience a new IP, which obviously means more security and anonymity for your Internet connection and browsing history.

Similar to Blazing SEO LLC provider, this one also offers semi dedicated proxies which can be shared between maximum three users. So what you will get are residential proxies, SEO proxies, back connect proxies and residential proxies.

Check this provider of online proxies if you want to get rid of service restrictions (TOS) imposed by many of other proxy providers. Customers who appealed to these proxies used them for scraping and SEO works claiming it works well. In addition, the company comes with super fast and reliable support which can be a relief for less experienced users


3. Squid proxies

SquidproxiesIf you are looking for highly anonymous and all purpose proxies, this particular provider is the best choice on the market. The web’s largest proxy network available would like to welcome you to their side by offering a wide series of advantages, from fast servers to unlimited bandwidth and nonstop customer support.

Register now and you will get access to worldwide servers with speeds of more than 1,000Mbps to ensure a fast and continuous stream of data transferred 24/7. Similar to other providers, the Squid Proxies also come with unlimited bandwidth so that you can enjoy large data packages, no strings attached. You have guaranteed access to all your proxies day and night and you will enjoy ads-free pages on all anonymous proxy servers.

Join the network online and you can benefit from fresh new IPs every month, after renewing your subscription to the company. Last but not least all proxies provided work with all browsers and bots, supporting HTTP and HTTPS proxies.


4.  Storm proxies

storm proxies logoBy appealing to this company you will have access to reverse back connect rotating and over 70,000 reverse proxies or premium dedicated proxies depending on your choice. This particular provider offers a wide range of back connect rotating proxies. What do they offer? Over 70,000 rotating proxies changing their IPs on all requested HTTP every 3 or 15 minutes, which makes them highly anonymous and trustworthy. This type of proxies is perfect for tasks requesting plenty different IPs – from scraping sites to SEO tools and traffic bots. However, the main downfall of this company is that they only sell and host HTTPs proxies, so this means no socks. On the other hand, the high anonymity level provided by rotating proxies is very much appreciated, especially if you want to keep your Internet connection low and let no one know about your business. Again, the proxies provided by Storm proxies are mainly dedicated to professionals or to those in look for scraping sites.

The good part is that you have a 2-day money back guarantee if you decide this provider is not what you are looking for.


5. High proxies

Another proxy business promising to cover up your anonymity and provide fast servers comes in the form of high proxies. The proxies hosted on this provider work extremely fast – with speeds up to 1Gbps. The company offers a wide series of dedicated proxies, depending on your requirements. They all have different price ranges so you will only pay exactly for what you want. Choose from different private proxies, shared proxies, ticketing proxies, Instagram proxies or even craigslist proxies. For all designated proxies you will get affordable prices, a free setup and 24/7 full live support in order to get past minor problems. A private proxy can be bought for only $1.35 per month, while shared proxies are offered for less than $0.65 per month

In addition, you can also purchase private or shared VPNs that come with a wide series of benefits – from accessing blocked websites and contents to offering fully encrypted data, unblocking Skype, Gtalk and other blocked social media platforms, high speed data transfer, plenty of subnets and monthly randomize.


6. Proxy n VPN 

proxy n vpnProxy-N-VPN is a good choice for those who love their anonymity when surfing or browsing online. This proxy provider offers high anonymity proxies suitable for those who want to protect their identities and personal data. Personal IPs are hidden from websites so there is no chance someone can locate you geographically or based on real ISP information. This provider creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your connectivity device (whether a laptop, a computer, a smart phone) and the Internet gateway which will prevent snoopers from accessing personal information such as credit card information, web content, browser history, instant messages or anything else.

The provider brags about offering the fastest proxy or VPN in the world. All proxies provided are anonymous and support both HTTP and HTTPS protocol that require previous authentication, but do not support socks.

Proxies work on all websites, including all social network programs. Sign up now and choose from private proxies, shared proxies, Instagram proxies and private or shared VPNs. Setup on all proxies and VPNs is free and you will receive 24/7 full and live professional support. Private VPNs are offered for $6.5 per month while private proxies come from $1.39 per month.


7. Proxy rack

Proxy RackThis proxy provider offers a 7-day free trial policy which is more than enough to realize whether this is the right provider for you and your requirements. The great advantage of this provider is that it comes with free VPNs and offers both HTTP and socks proxies for your choice. The IP base is continuously growing, counting now for over 85,000 IP addresses. There are over 38,000 IP addresses from Europe and over 38,000 in USA and Canada, depending on your needs.

Pricing ranges from $40 per month for a standard package and leads to $120 for the guru package. The standard package is suitable for small businesses and projects, and you will get 50 maximum connections. Bandwidth is unmetered no matter your choice.

So what will you get for the money? 20 new IPs on every requested port, 250 x 10 minute rotating IP ports for full anonymity and speed, as well as access to the entire IP database. In addition, all proxies offered are private and highly anonymous and you will also benefit from 14-day money back guarantee and full customer support.


8. SSL private proxy

ssl private proxyThis is yet another good proxy host for those who care about their anonymity when browsing or surfing the Internet. All proxies provided here are anonymous and support HTTP and HTTPS protocol. All VPNs offered are encrypted and support the PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. The great advantage of this website is that you get to choose your own VPN locations. All proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and a speed of 1Gbps and are ready for operation all year-round.

The VPNs and proxies are fully reliable, secure and trustworthy. The company provides private and shared proxies, as well as private and shared VPNs. A private proxy with dedicated IPs, sufficient subnets, monthly randomized IP addresses, and non sequential IPs is sold for $1.75 per month.


9. Cloud proxies

This business offers rotating ports, private and shared proxies all at affordable prices. With just $1 per port you will receive plenty of benefits, from unlimited bandwidth to HTTPS and socks5 support, IP authentication, access to over 250,000 proxies based worldwide, Google passed proxies and IP change every 10 minutes. All proxies, whether private or shared offer similar benefits, but the locations are the premium ones – based on US and EU, no software restrictions, no traffic logs and plenty of subnets at your disposal.

Last but not least, Cloud proxies come with high anonymity, making them perfect for your safety online. Private proxies start at $1.5 per month, which is lower than the average price paid on other proxy providers. In addition, the company offers a 48-hour money back guarantee in case the proxies don’t work or you are not totally satisfied with their compatibility. All proxies are activated instantly after any purchase, so feel free to use them from that very instant.


10. Microleaves

Finally, the last but not least proxy provider online comes in the form of Microleaves, providing professional proxy servers since 2002. What do they offer? Back connect proxies, dedicated proxies, shared HTTP proxies and automated captcha solving. Prices are rather high, but the products provided are reliable and trustworthy. All back connect proxies provided are multiple use and compatible with all software supporting both HTTP/HTTPS and socks protocols.

What does the company promise to deliver? Proxies that can be used anywhere – from Ticketmaster to Eimarketplace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Craigslist, Amazon, etc. Other features include unlimited bandwidth, worldwide locations and an array of over 26 million available IPs, changing IP address every five minutes, GEO targeting by country and depending on your needs, DSL residual IPs, high anonymity, self testing, etc. They also offer two days trial version and a three-day money back guarantee unless you are satisfied with the products. You can choose your own proxy locations and a pack of 5 basic back-connect residential proxies costs $12.49 per month.


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