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Why choose Article Forge as your all in one Content Generator this year 2016 to 2017?

Content and SEO are two sides of the same coin. No matter which online business site or blog you start, content is going to rule your level of success in the Web world. In 2011, Google made it clear that content is a major aspect of its ranking algorithm. In 2012, it penalized all the sites that ignored the Panda’s warning. Since then, several updates have changed the way in which the content has been written. However, one thing is for sure: Content has to be readable, unique, valuable, relevant, and grammatically correct.

This is perhaps why there are many content writing services available online and offline. These are useful for those who wish to have SEO content, which is content that aims to pull the search engine traffic. However, the recent trend is moving towards online services that scrape and rewrite. But Article Forge is a new service that just writes, no rewrites, scraping, or illegal spinning! It has perhaps revolutionized the way in which unique content is generated online.

Did you know that Article Forge works well with PBN?

  • It creates almost 99.99% a Copyscape Passed Article
  • It auto attach/import Images and Videos to the article in one click
  • It allows you to import Authority Links for you to replace and hyperlink an anchor text as OBL(outbound link)
  • It allows you to manage wordpress blogs/domain for you to be able to schedule posting from # of post per day to # of post per week!
  • It is integrated with the worlds best auto spinner tool which is WORDAI
  • It is integrated with the worlds best content plagiarism checker COPYSCAPE

Never pay for another content again with Article Forge! and make your PBN STRONG with Article Forge!

Article Forge

Article Forge


Starts $47/Month
Overview of Articleforge
Articleforge is a recently introduced online tool that accepts a keyword and automatically writes a legible as well as unique article from scratch about the keyword. However, unlike other article writing software applications, this one writes articles just as a human does. It does so by using deep understanding algorithms, which allow the tool to research on any topic, just like a human.

Technically, the tool reads several online articles to learn all that it needs to know. As a result, it gains virtual intelligence to write on that subject in its own words. This means that it is the only Web content creator of its kind, available right now for writing high quality articles automatically. Because it writes as a human, the content generated is reliable of link building and brand promotion. Thus, you get an SEO optimized article.

Article Forge

Basic Summary
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The Salient Abilities of This Online Article Writer Software

Articleforge is just not a standard content writing service that gives you SEO content after looking for content writers who are experienced and talented. Such service is valuable but ends up taking time and efforts based on which it charges you accordingly. However, this is not the game with this new auto content writer. It is also not a spinner or re-writer, aiming to please an SEO specialist or a search engine. The following abilities make it fall apart from other content tools:


  • Writing in Own Words: Articleforge is not only an automatically writer but a unique writer online. This is because it writes each statement or sentence in its own words. This writing is free of any grammatical, logical, or flow-based errors. This ensures not only unique but also editing-free content, which you get in no time. In fact, just a single click is required to generate such an SEO-friendly and hassle-free content.
  • Passing Copyscape: Non-plagiarism is something that no writer can deny even if the writing is not for SEO purpose. Well, even Articleforge does not deny it. Unlike other usual online content generators that just pulps sentences, this one creates its own text chunks. As a result, it easily passes any plagiarism checker such as Copyscape. This also means that you will never get duplicate content from it, which is again a sign of being SEO-friendly.
  • Automating SEO Efforts: The tool is not just an auto content writer but an auto SEO builder. It specializes in setting up an autopilot SEO domain for you, instead of only auto generating content quickly. With the aim of automating all SEO efforts, the tool offers simple scheduling options along with the ability to post on your WordPress blogs or Private Blog Network (PBN) automatically. When used with a powerful API via simple integration, you have this writer with other tools for having an SEO realm running fully automatically.
  • Embracing Tier 1 and Tier 2 Content: Articleforge is capable of writing Tier 1 and Tier 2 content by spinning built-in, not already available online, paragraphs as well as sentences. Obviously, doing so ends up giving more unique variations. The spinning ability works across several sites. The level of uniqueness reaches up high when you integrate the tool with WordAi directly. So, whether you are looking for several Tier 2 content articles or a single high quality article, this online tool generates fully readable and distinct content.
  • Generating Variety of Content Automatically: The tool is capable of adding links, images, videos, and titles to your articles on its own in a human way. It does this automatically. This is because it is not only an article writer but a comprehensive content generator. In addition, the tool also adds any kind of links automatically, which indicates establishing an affiliate blog that is fully automated. You can expect it to add not only intelligent but also highly relevant titles, links, images, and videos to articles so that your content can pop. In this way, you obtain a fully automation realm for your blog.
  • Employing One-click Solution without Scraping or Complicated Proxies: Scraping is not required at all, as the tool uses profound understanding for writing as a human on its own. This means that there is no need to bother about proxies, programming, or difficult settings. All you have to do is enter a keyword and click once, after which the tool generates an article for you. In between, it is the deep learning that does it all for you. This eliminates the need to know any programming language or have technical know-how.

Here is what you will see “inside Article Forge” This is the Newest Revolutionary Article Generator with only upto 30-50 seconds to generate its unique content”

Easy Steps:

1. Input/Insert your desired keyword

2. Setup some filters “from Number of words to Quality Level”

3. Wait

4. Result!

Whats nice about this tool is that it also inserts image and videos that are highly related to your keyword and article.

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Article Forge


Starts $47/Month
What the best thing about this content writer tool?

Its one of the best fast and easy ALWAYS COPYSCAPE PASSED CONTENT GENERATOR in the Market!

Of all, it is 100% readable and Copyscape-pass content that makes this tool one of the best new article writing software applications.

It must be remembered that this tool uses deep learning to write articles in an intelligent way. Thus, you can rely on it once and see how it works for your business goals. You can be assured of its accuracy and reliability from the fact that it offers 5-day risk-free trial as well as 30-day money back guarantee. According to the site, if using below 10 articles of its does not fulfill your expectation; you can expect a refund without any interrogation.

So what are you waiting for? get Article Forge! The only Content Writer Tool that you’ll ever need!

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Article Forge


Starts $47/Month
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