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Kontent Machine: A Content Generator That Will Revolutionise The Way You Build Your Links!

If you have been in the Internet Marketing industry for long, you would know that one of the biggest pains in this industry is generating huge amount of unique content for all your needs. If one wants to rank and bank with SEO, one would definitely need content writers in huge numbers to churn out those fresh and unique articles in large quantities to keep their campaigns rolling. You, like me, would have definitely searched high and low for efficient and cost effective content writers in several places like iwriter, upwork(formerly oDesk) etc. But, the fact is that it is hard to find one that would meet your expectations, especially when you need large quantity of content in the shortest possible time.   But, it is now possible to get this need of yours fulfilled by the best content provider and generator you would have ever come across.

Yes, I am talking about Kontent Machine – A unique content scraping and spinning tool

I, like you, was clueless until I stumbled upon a post about Kontent Machine in the Blackhat forums. I got enthusiastic and bought it right away and that was the best decision I could have ever taken to grow my business. Having used this software for an extensive period of time, I thought I should write a post on “Kontent machine review”. So, here I am writing my thoughts and experiences to help you get a complete overview of this product. I have also got a special offer that will help you get this software at an extremely bargained price. Read on to find that out too!



Contene Scraping

Why Should You Choose Kontent Machine?

There are many other tools like Scrapebox article generator plugin, wicked article creator etc. that could help build content but how different is Kontent Machine? In simple words, it can be said that the Kontent Machine is not just a content scraper that scrapes content from a number of sites, formats them and gives you a unique article but it also helps you in spinning, posting, autoblogging, bookmarking as well as integrating smoothly with other leading tools in the market. This is what sets this content generator miles apart from other tools.

How Awesome Is This?

  • The quality of produced content is top notch and relevant that also proofreads itself for errors.
  • If there are LSI keywords to be included, it is done so in the most natural way possible without stuffing the content with keywords.
  • 100% relevant relevant title tags, images and videos.
  • Amazing scraping speed. Delivering appropriate content while working under deadlines just got way easier using this bulk spinning tool.
  • Cloud support for your campaigns – A first of its kind for a link building tool.
  • Integration with other link building/submission tools like SENuke XCR, Ultimate Demon, GSA SER, RankWyz, FCS Networker, Magic Submitter etc. works without any hassle.

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How Special Is This?

The biggest thing that sets apart this tool as the best wordpress content generator is that its ability to produce keyword rich, quality and unique content with great titles by deeply integrating itself with WordPress CMS. It is called an “Autoblogging” feature by its creators. This feature will make sure that your properties are updated frequently with unique content automatically making your link building efforts work in autopilot mode. Also, it not only acts as a simple wordpress content scraper but also generates relevant images, videos along with high quality content so that you would never ever need a writer/virtual assistant for your link building campaigns. It can be simply said that these unique features that make it as a massive time-saver only adds to its popularity.



How Simple Is This?

Working with the Kontent Machine is simpler than you think. You just need to input your target keywords, select the number of spins that you want to run from the scraper settings and choose the number of variations that you need for an article. If you want media in your articles, there are a few more settings available to help you scrape the relevant audio and video and once you have successfully set them up, just click on ‘Build Content’. That’s it! Your content is ready! The 6 small icons (Tools, Blueprints, New, Quick, Saved and Back) that appear on opening the software will help you to follow an easy stepwise method to achieve the desired results. Kontent Machine gives you a straightforward option to set-up your anchor texts with ease. You may not believe that you can have as many anchor texts as possible to have unique outbound links from your properties. You can also set-up your outbound links from images as well as contextual.


How Unique Is This?

Biggest problem with any automatic scraping and posting tool is keyword over optimisation and lack of co-citation. Kontent machine handles this with ease and it ensures that your efforts don’t go in vain. GSA SEO CONTENT

How does it avoid over-optimized keywords?

There is an option to control the occurrence of targeted keywords in your articles. It also helps you diversify your anchor texts where in you could feed brand anchor text, naked urls etc.

How does it help in Co-Citation?

This is a unique feature that isn’t present in any of the automatic scrapers and spinners present in the market. It scrapes the authority/high PR sites for your keyword and helps you in co-citing them in your articles. So, your article look really engaging with outbound links that goes both to your money sites as well as to high PR sites like Wikipedia Etc.



In Summary Kontent Machine does the job for all content scraping tools out there since the golden age. you will not need content writer anymore since this will provide you everything you need to generate any article online.

Kontent Machine Blackhat

Integrates Multiple SEO tools:

Kontent Machine Integrated Tools

And Finally, How Affordable Is This?

After reading this, you should be fully certain that you have finally found an article generator online that is an investment for life. Third iteration of this software named Kontent Machine 3 is being touted as the latest revelation in the content scraping and link building industry. I know you would completely agree with this labelling after reading the above features and advantages. Before you purchase this tool do not miss to get the Kontent Machine 3 discount that I have bargained with the creators of this software. Instead of paying the regular price for an unlimited license, you can enter the Kontent Machine discount code that I have got here and bag this license at a bargain price. While other website owners go hunting for ghost writers whose content would need to be proofread a million times, you have chosen to be different by opting for the tool that leads the pack. Now, what are you waiting for? Buy Build, Rank and Bank!



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